Proofreading and Editing Services

If you're considering self-publishing then you want to make sure you are presenting the best product possible. Without the backing of a large publisher you don't have the resources a traditionally published author may have but that does not mean your product shouldn't be as polished as any other. In fact, it needs to be moreso in order to compete.


We offer reasonable per word rates for anyone who is looking to self-publish. 


Line-Editing (Proofreading)


30,000 words or less

$0.01/word for 10 day turnaround

$0.02/word for RUSH (5 day turnaround)


30,001-60,000 words

$0.01/word for 21 day turnaround

$0.02/word for RUSH (14 day turnaround)



$0.02/word for 30 day turnaround

No Rush Available



Rates available upon request




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